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which would of you employed

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Beer Sloth
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the missus had 2 prospective employees come through the door yesterday, one a bar maid, the other a stripper.
was for labouring type of work. mmm, wish i was there for the interview .. :unsure:
Whichever one is the chick in your
Depwnds on what your missus does. If shes a stripper youve already got one and id go the bar maid. Actually I pour my own brers better than them so the stripper.

I thoight this was a bucks party question. In which case its always stripper as a strippeer is happy to play bar maid as it cuts down on their performance time. Wherre as a barmaid wont double as a stripper. Last bucks party I went to they got a stripper. Ended up she was a topless barmaid... who wore a bra. So I used me connections to get a lst minute stripper who came over and was happy to to strip, play bar wench, give shots to those playing poker and won a hand etc.
Go the stripper and teach her how to work behind a bar..... it is easier to have a stripper working as a bar maid if need be. However, you try convincing most bar maids to be a stripper :unsure:

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