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Saw this recipe recently discussed on HBD brews and views. Sounded interesting and seems to be well regarded - I've not brewed it but in case anyone wants to try...


By Paul Hayslett ( on Friday, January 10, 2003 - 02:50 pm:

This is the recipe I made. I got it from somewhere on the net (bless Google) and if I could remember where, I'd credit the author. (Whoever you are, thanks!!). And, of course, the original all-grain version is from Skotrat. In deference to him, I won't call an extract version "B-52", so how about "Stealth Bomber"? After you have a few, you'll understand the "Stealth" part -- no way you can tell it's 7.5% abv.

4.5lbs Wheat DME
1.25lbs Light DME
2lbs Honey
0.75lbs Crystal 60
5oz Malto-Dextrin powder
0.5oz Hallertauer (5.6%) @ 40min
1.0oz Saaz @ 20min
0.5oz Hallertauer @ 10min
Wyeast 1056 or equiv, BIG starter
(I used the whole cake from another beer)

I seem to recall that the recipe I got specified a 40min boil, which seemed odd to me. So I boiled for an hour but added the hops per the schedule above. I added the honey and malto-dextrin a few minutes before flameout. I bottled after a 2wk primary, but 1wk/4wk schedule would probably be better. Watch out for a violent ferment -- your OG will be around 1.070 and wheat DME (IMO) tends to foam more than pure barley.

By Doug Pescatore ( on Friday, January 10, 2003 - 03:57 pm:

You have the exact recipe I formulated except all of my DME 5.5 lbs was is the form of wheat malt extract. And I also pulled back on the Malto-detrin powder to 3 oz.

I will be brewing this tonight and plan a 60 minute boil, but with the hop schedule remaining at
40min. Hallertauer 0.75 oz.
20min. Tettnanger 0.75 oz.
10min. Hallertauer 0.5 oz.

Steep Crystal for 30 min in 2 gallons of water at 150F. Standard extract stuff.

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