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I’ve not had a Westy before. I have had lots of Abt 12 over many years, and it’s probably my all time favourite beer. Rumour has it that they are clones of each other, so I hope I’m not missing out on too much. I might just line up at the Westy gate one day to say I’ve done it.
Love to do that.
St Bernardus used to make Westy under license for commercial sale. The new Abbot (pretty old now) decided they really should be a monastery not a business, so he pulled the license and now they only sell enough to pay for the upkeep on the Abby.
St B, had the yeast and the recipe so... a new name and label.
Side by side they aren't quite the same. Both are excellent (or any hyperbole you like here) but the Westy won by a hair.
Actually I liked the Pale the best - that's the one the monks get to drink at table so I guess they try harder.

If you do get the chance, make sure you phone ahead, you need to give your cars license plate number (no no fax, email, text..... just the landline). If you haven't booked there is a fair chance of missing out or getting a knockback.
Which would bite big time.
I really like the history surrounding these Belgian breweries. A lot of things have to change in the world before any plans like lining up at Westvleteren come into fruition.
As a new brewer the most frustrating thing I find is people not reporting back how things turned out.

So I transferred to a keg and that's been aging almost 3 months now. I had enough left in the fermenter for 2 bottles. I tried one bottle at one month and it was terrible. I had a glass and poured the rest down the drain. I've opened the second bottle now after three months and it is much better. I can see the Rochefort 10 flavours coming through, however it's still not carbonated which is obviously affecting the finished flavour.

I will bottle this soon and add some bottling yeast to get it to carbonate. So it's a work in progress but heading in the right direction.

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