Are There Any Advantages Using Rainwater

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Pumpy's Brewery.
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If I rush out into the garden now and put buckets on the grass while its raining to catch water so I can use in my next brew or is it a wet idea ????

Tony & Ray H was having trouble visualising this in My Mickey mouse raincoat
You may notice my name printed on my buckets this is so my daughters dont use my foodgrade buckets to wash there cars

Hey Pumpy.

Was your prayer answered? You can't decieve me, look at the blue sky. With all those foodgrade buckets behind you, surely you are praying for them to be filled with more booze, what you need water for?
Your right sparrow I did not get enough rainwater for a batch someone said it would not have enough minerals in anyway so have to put the old epsom salts in
Hey Pumpy.

How old are your daughters?
I have used rain water without adding anything for the last 4 years.
Kai never you mind you dirty old man .

GMK , sounds like rainwater is good for you it would be soft water not with a lot of calcium in .

depends where you live, where the water came from....
I use rainwater from the decrepit old tank on the property. I preboil the strike water, then pull out a litre or so in an icecream container or similar, add gypsum (high quality ag gypsum) or calcium chloride, stir to dissolve and pour back into HLT.

I have had the pH of my rainwater tested, it is slightly alkaline so I add some malic acid to the mash if it is an all pale malt grist

Jovial Monk
Bobby ,
I live in Camden NSW and the rainwater came from the sky.

the grass looks dry
the fence looks dry
the hat looks dry

and pumpy is wearing a raincoat with a picture of mickey mouse on the back.....


Hey Bobby I have posted in the 'Jokes and Humour 'catagory lighten up .

Dreamboat ,the real story behind this is the guys on Grumpys forum bet me I would not post a naked pic of me collecting rainwater in my yellow raincoat .

I didnt post the naked one though, I was just setting the camera up on tripod and the new lady next door she is French asked if I needed any help, well I was trying to explain what I was doing but I dont think my French was good enough !!!!

one thing led to another,!!!

by I had squeezed through the toilet window in a hurry to get back to taking my photo ,the rain had blown away a bit .

I would post the picture of the neighbour but they might not pass the forum etiquette rules.

Anyway thats the real story . Pumpy

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