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Hi folks, over the last couple of months i've really enjoyed creating brews and making liquid art, so much so I've actually started considering it for a career change. So my question to you knowledgable scholars would be, where the hell does one go to get an industry standard education in brewing, commercial or otherwise?

Are there even courses one can do?

As to what I might do with my education afterwards I havent decided, microbrewing perhaps, boutique brewing, no idea.
Ballarat Uni is the only place in Aust i think offer a brewing degree.
pretty tough criteria to get in tho.
Wasabi, another poster, has just started this year.

Might be a touch out of my way to go there :-( I wonder if they can do courses by correspondence.
It is a correspondence course, with some time spent at the Ballarat Campus

I don't know how much work there is in the field, but a bachelor degree in science or food science with a biotech/biochem focus would get your foot in the door. Like most things, learning is best done on the job.
I concur that most learning is best done "on the job" but if i do end up looking at creating my own microbrewery, i'd rather have atleast some theoretical information in my head before i invest the capital.

I dont know how much work there is in commercial breweries and I have to admit that would never be my focus for a new career(with my luck id end up working for VB :unsure: ) but theres always room for a good ale and steak house, and as always, room for one more beer :chug:

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