Alton Brown getting back on the 'Good Eats' saddle

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Anybody else appreciate the work of Alton Brown? I only stumbled across him recently when SBS's new Food Network channel starting airing old episodes of his defunct series 'Good Eats', which ran for over a decade (I guess he's probably been seen here in Australia on Pay-TV, but I only get free-to-air TV so he's new to me).

I like 'Good Eats' because Brown tries to explain the science behind kitchen equipment and cooking techniques and delves into the history and evolution of the dishes he works up. He also uses odd camera angles, and actors, puppets and mock-ups to provide comedy relief and visual comprehension to what could otherwise be heavy tech viewing. It works really well, although a little corny and US-centric at times. But hats off to him for trying to bring scientific understanding to the public about one of the most common activities we all do - cooking.

He ended 'Good Eats' a few years ago and went on to compere food competition shows like 'Iron Chef' in the US. But a story in the Guardian a few days ago says he will reprise 'Good Eats' in 2017, but under a different title: see

He says he's looking forward to the freedom of not being controlled by the producers of the original series. Seems they had the shackles on him at times and wouldn't let him show how to cook rabbit or offal, and wouldn't let him show how to make a rig for $75 to cook a whole pig (he says the producers didn't understand because they all lived in New York and didn't have backyards).

Towards the bottom of the Guardian story is a video window to a recent hour-long Facebook session he did asking people to come up with subject matter for the new series, to which he responds ad lib with full philosophical vigor. Its worth a look if you have the time. Quite funny in parts with the typical rapid-fire running commentary. Smoking meat gets discussed (including smoking fish) as does sous vide, yeast & doughs, cooking with cheese, classic sauces, and cooking food to pull women. Homebrew gets a brief mention a few times too.

On a side note, he's posted a recipe for a potent Christmas eggnog made from rum, cognac and bourbon that needs to be made now and laid down to age in the fridge until Chrissy: see

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