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big d

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ok adelaide guys
16th june 4.30pm meet at the adelaide belgian beer cafe.
its been arranged by wee stu so who is planning on showing up so i know how many people to look out for and grab a table and enough chairs.
should be a good one guys.

cya there
big d
I wil be there

as long as someone reminds me

though I think they overcharge for beer cooled below freezing!

Jovial Monk
(PS who will provide better beers at drinkable temps)
i will remind you when i drop into your shop next week jm as from sunday evening i will be off this site till i come across a comp

big d
Jesus I better buy, errr, have ready some radical beers!


only have great beers months from ageing

too bad, rasdical beers it wil be!

Jovial Monk
Previously ozdevil, steve_sa and boots have all said they are likely starters, and I think a few more have said as much on chat.

Hopefully we can a drag a few more of you out from the cold and along for some warming Belgian ales, and make it abother memorable AHB night
Just a quick reminder to drag this up to the top of the board.

Belgian Beer Cafe Adelaide, Wed 16 June

For any Adelaide Brewers who missed out on the earlier meets because of the long weekend, this is a great chance to catch up. Similarly for those who made the earlier meets, but just can't get enough of Big D!!

The NT Harley Rider is due around 4.30pm, but I'm sure we'll be hanging around for some time, so drop by when you can. Come for one, or stick around for a few. See you all there.
Wee Stu

I noticed that you forgot to mention that it's your shout at the cafe...

Try the Golden Draak...

I ahve an AG recipe for this beer.
GMK said:
Try the Golden Draak...

I ahve an AG recipe for this beer.
been sampling some as you post, eh Kenny?? (hic!) :D
wee stu said:
GMK said:
Try the Golden Draak...

I ahve an AG recipe for this beer.
been sampling some as you post, eh Kenny?? (hic!) :D
That still wont get you out of your shout.... :lol:
I'll be dropping in just after 5'ish. Prob hang around for about an hour or so... see jooz then :chug:
OK, so the big harley rider from the far North, did not actually make it to the Belgian.

Seems a week or so of canoodling with other South Oz brewers took its toll on his poor, benighted frame.

However, those who came to toast his health - me, Jayse, OzDevil, MAH, Boots, Chiller still had a fine time. Next time Big D, next time............
I would say that the treasury of Belgium should raise a glass of Leffe to toast Jayse, Oz and Wee Stu as they single handedly sought to lift a European country out of economic decline.

Excellent evening guys ... I can recall everything that was said :)


Next time Big D.
chiller said:
I can recall everything that was said :)


............dear :ph34r:
I can say i don't remeber much of what we where talking about. :chug: :chug: :chug:
I did indeed drink my far share of lovely belgian ales and had a great time.
After this full on Adelaide brew week iam ready to trade my poor broken body in.


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