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AG Starters Irish Stout

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This is the first all grain reciepe that I made:

3kg Pale Malt
500gm Roasted Barley
500gm Wheat Malt
250gm Choclate Malt
400gm Dextrose (Had to get rid of it somehow)

Mashed at 66oC for 90mins
sparged with 12 litres of water at 80oC stirred and run off after 20 mins
90minute boil
30gm of Northern Brewer Hops(9.8% AAU) at start of boil
1x bag of goldings hops and 10gm of Willamette hops 10 min from end of boil ( See dextrose for this addition)
Pitched Irish Ale yeast when cooled to 20oC
4 Days in primary, 10 Days in secondary


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