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guys i have just bought an adjustable regulator from beerbelly.
i am going to put it on my 3 ring burner which has to boil a 54 liter batch.
currently i use 3 ring burner with a bbq regulator, this doesnt have the grunt to bring it to the boil without dropping an over the side 2.4 kw immersion heater in.
when the boil starts i leave the 2.4 kw in and just have 1 ring on the gas burner.

i am hoping that the adjustable regulator will boil the 54 liters on its own.
the other thing i am going to do if needed is drill the holes on the 3 ring out a bit for more gas flow.

anyone using or used this combo for double batches.
I used my adjustable reg on my auscrown 1 ringish wok burner.... Fark, it had wings there. Had to turn it down to minimum to keep the mash constant temp.
Going to do the same on an Italian spiral burner to boil 80lt :chug:
I have seen a three ring with an adjustable reg on it do a 60L boil no worries. I am not sure if it had any mods though, I don't think so.

Personally i use a camping burner which is pretty much like a spiral burner with an adjustable regulator, which can also boil 60L without too much drama
try it without modding it. Mine works almost as good as my spiral burner on the same pressure. I prob run medium pressure or lower but its above the low pressure reg. just play with the air space. I run mine on about half way as if I turn it up it starts make heaps of noise and the flame wont burn close to the burner so I cant see that to efficient as it seems like its blowing more gas then it can burn. This maybe where you need to drill the holes out if its still not cutting it before that happens
will try a full boil tomorrow with 54 liters of water and see how it goes.
i will report back on the performance of it.
only drawback is that tomorrow is going to be really cold outside.
will try a full boil tomorrow with 54 liters of water and see how it goes.
i will report back on the performance of it.
only drawback is that tomorrow is going to be really cold outside.

well tried the high pressure regulator this morning, checked the burner connections with soapy water and bugger me the brass taps on the 3 ringer was blowing gas bubbles, tried to tighten the taps with the nut at the bottom but still had leaks.

i have decided to buy a spiral but not going to buy the beerbelly one because it has the low pressure regulator and they dont sell it without the regulator.

anyone in adelaide know of a place to get a spiral without the regulator.
i am up north of gawler so dont want to travel too far,
going to beerbelly tomorrow to pick up my c02 refill so around that area is okay.

I'm having heaps of trouble with my 3-ring and new adjustable regulator today. The flames keep blowing themselves out. Is anyone else using this setup, and how do you use this reg with it?
S'alright now. Just took some fiddling. Man, she's putting out some serious heat!
i have a four ring burner,,,i open all the valves full open turn the gas full open on the ring burner(but for the small one as it just puts out sout(black shit on the bottom of my pot) (yellow flame),,,,
then i just use the adjustable reg to control the heat nice blue hot flame,,,,,,,,,,to start it i just crack the gas bottle just a little so not to much gas is coming out the light,,,,,,i heat up a 140L hlt with that in an aluminium pot and it take arount half an hout to get up to mash in temp,,,using cold water around 25deg,
my burners are the cast iron ones from the camping store(got from anaconda for around 70 bucks if you have there store card ,,if not ring rays out door ,anaconda,bcf they will all match the price just find the cheapest and go to what ever store

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