Adding Yeast When Priming?

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G'day all, my oatmeal stout will have been in secondary for 3 weeks this friday. I transferred to secondary after 4 days when it had slowed to around 2-3 bubbles per minute. After transferring there wasn't any bubbling action so to speak and I am wondering whether I should add some more yeast when bulk priming. Any comments would be appreciated.... :beer:


It should still be ok.
cheers kai

had some good fortune last week as well when a mates dad decided to clear out his garage including all his old home brew bottles.....40 grolsch swing tops later I'm quite a happy bloke :super:

I wouldn't be concerned. I have had brews that didn't bubble after the first day and some that didn't bubble at all.

Don't concern yourself with bubbling. Just check the gravity. If the gravity reduces then fermentation is probably happening. I had an apa recently that was in secondary for three week and it carbonated up nicely in a week.
Oatmeal stout, eh?
What was the SG of the brew? If it's under 1.060 and you didn't severely underpitch, you should be fine. There are some interesting threads floating around on this and other forums related to yeast cells and their [insert technical term here] pooping out when you have high starting gravity brews. So, you shouldn't have to add yeast to the brew when you bulk prime.
When I've had extended secondaries, and primaries for that matter, I've found the carbonation to be fine in the bottle, it just takes longer to carbonate, but the upside to that is that the brews are usually better finished and that means a better result come drinking time!


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