Adding Fruit Pulp, Vanilla Beans To Primary

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Hi all,

When I started brewing not that long ago it seemed in vogue to rack mid fermentation which lined up nicely with the information I have for adding berries etc to the secondary then racking off a few days later to a cold conditioning vessel (leaving the gunk behind.)

Now when I read different things it seems fermenting out in the primary is the go followed by racking to the cold conditioning vessel to avoid stuck fermenters and oxydisation.

What I am wondering is the validity of adding either vanilla beans or tinned berries (fresh stuffs to expensive) to my primary 5 or more days into fermentation then when finished racking off to the cold conditioning vessel?

Reason for doing this is I read intial primary fermentation is likely to thoroughly burn out the bulk of the flavours.

Any tips, tricks or general feedbacks appreciated!

Done this with my Merry Berry.
Rack as normal - then add fruit.
This will kick off fermentation again.

Leave for 10 days...Rack into tertiary - dry hop.

Note that you can steam/blanch the fruit first for sterlisation.

Hope this helps
a small amount of raspberry will add more fruitiness to a blander fruit like black cherries,blue berries

leave fruit at least two weeks, so add fruit in secondary

Next time I make a kriek I will leave the cherries in the secondary (corny keg) for 12 months

Vanilla is just one spice that can be added to beer: coriander, mace, cloves, cardomom, one or two sta anise, pepper corns and/or grains of paradise, ginger, chillie etc. Add this to a bigger beer so the spicyness has time to mellow

Jovial Monk
I added a tin (330g) of raspberries to my Belgian dubbel in secondary and it turned out beautifully. It wasn't a "big" beer (only 6.5%) but the fruit was well in balance with the hops and malt. A great after dinner beer. I didn't sterilise the fruit, as it was already in a sterile can, but I did sanirise the outside of the can first, with rubbing alcohol.

- Snow.

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