A Cooling Trick I Learnt Off Foxtel Today

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There was a piece on the quickest way to cool a bottle of wine.

To cut a long story short, adding salt to the ice & water made a HUGE difference to the final temperature after just 10 minutes. I think it dropped the bottle contents 10 degrees in this time!

Maybe this would be a useful addition to the wort cooler setups?

Just a thought.
Another interesting senario

you just went out and and payed for a box of beer (cans or stubbies megaswill orwhatever) reading for that fishing/camping trip in your favorite location and you forgot the ice and its like a 60 minute run back into the nearest town and ya just looking forward to a beer that evening around the camp fire..

What you can actually do is:

1. dig hole in ground

2. place cans or stubbies in hole and burry them

3. now where you have just burried your beer you now light a fire over the top of the beer

4. after and hour or so extingiush fire and move the hot coals to one side

5. dig up your cans or stubbies and take them out

6. fill up hole

7. now you can drink a cold can or stubbie while chatting around the camp fire (just make sure you clean the bottle before drinking)

how this works is that the heat from the fire is drawing up all the cold moisture from below the surface which cool your beer down as the heat is drawing the moisture close to the surface

This may be an extreme way to cool a beverage down but looking at the senario that your 60 minutes away from the nearest town it may just save you trip... Specially if it is only an over night trip..

Brenton i use the salt and ice method while i am out fishing specially if i am out chasing Snapper as i believe it helps keep fish fresh for the table...

Also salt and water once frozen in a milk bottle will keep frozen longer then just water that has been frozen...

cheers and beers
Here's another way to cool a bottle of wine in 10 - 15 mins without any ice.

Get a thin tea-towel, and soak it under the tap. Squeeze most of the water out of it, and wrap the botle of wine in the towel.
Stick it in the freezer, and 15 mins later the wine will be ice cold, and the towel will be a frozen hunk of ice. You may need to run the bottle under the tap to get the towel off.
Something I saw done a few years ago...

We where having a breccy and beers after our last nightshift , we ran out of cold beer but someone had a carton of warn stubbies.

Now there is always one with a great idea at any piss-up , grab the stubbies , line them up on the patio table , find a CO2 fire extinguiser , well all know this is going to work hey?

Blast each and every stubbie off the table in around one second flat , and they all smash one the patio floor. :lol: :lol: :lol:
One happy azz wife

Sorry no piccys for the blooper gallery

Preaching to the converted Brenton :D

After running normal tap water through my immersion chiller for 20mins. I always make up a slurry of crushed ice, salt and water and recirc this through an immersion (pond) pump and through the chiller for another 30 mins or so.

Just plain tap water only gets my wort to about 20-22c during winter. Using ice and salt allows me to go as low as 15c. Good for lagers. Also worth its weight in gold for summer brewing.

BTW I've been told that metho will do the same job as the salt. Can't say for sure because I haven't tried it yet.

Warren -
Good work Warren ;)

I want to get into partial and the all-grain brewing. Can someone provide a link to info about the actual process that is meant to occur (ie. what do you do with the HLT, kettle & Mash Tun?) at each step?

I am hoping to get my hands on 4 kegs very soon :)
Brenton go to www.howtobrew.com and read the online book by John Palmer. He lets people read his old addition for free however I feel it is worthwhile buying the latest addition. Teaches you enough to get right into mash brewing

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