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due to being real sick for the last couple of weeks ive only just racked my canadian blonde after 19 days on the yeast cake.still smells and tastes ok.
whats the longest anybody has left a beer in the primary?
temp was around 20 degrees
Three months was the longest. At summer room temps, 15-30 deg C.

No sign of autolysis.

It was an Australian pale ale, with a bit of wheat and Munich grain, I have forgotten what yeast was in that brew.

Definitely do not recommend three months as standard proceedure.

Never left a kit beer more than a fortnight in primary.
It's not unusual for me to leave a brew in primary for 14 or 15 days. I've never had any problems with it. If the temp was around 20 degrees, she'll be right.
My 1.070 IPA has been in primary now since 2 October...Yesterday it's bubbling, slowly, at 1.016 - it stalled at 1.026 a week ago and took a heat mat and a good rousing to get it going again at 24C.


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