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    3 vessel HERMS – best offer

    I'll take it! Will confirm with someone in the next few hours if they want or not
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    RIMS Tube, 2200W Element and hose tails

    Do you know what the heat density of the element is?
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    Suggestions. No hops beer.

    Let it run it's course. If it turns out a little rough I'd recommend a bottle of stones green ginger wine to mix with it as you go for a good ginger beer.
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    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Any thoughts on where to start?
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    Aluminium Kegs and beer history

    Don't know about Aus kegs but we used to get Newcastle brown at the pub i worked at. This came in aluminium kegs about 10years ago Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T using Tapatalk
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    Sierra Nevada IPA Glasses - EOI

    Box was a little crushed on the side. The misses unpacked it and said something about it having being repacked. I'll have to investigate further tomorrow i think
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    Sierra Nevada IPA Glasses - EOI

    Got mine today but unfortunately had a fallen comrade amongst them Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T using Tapatalk
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    Braumeister NEXTGEN Build

    Hey guys, I've been following with interest and am starting to get some bits and pieces together for a build. So far have a 42L Palderno pot which I picked up and a planning the rest out now. Planning on going with big W 20L pot(s) fora standard 23L batch and will also do some calcsto work out...
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    Suggestions for where to stay in Phuket?

    We stayed in patong for a few days, then moved to Centara villas (was already booked this way) between patong and karon. The travel agent told us it was 30 minutes away (we were also after something quiet) but it was only 5 minutes from patong. Gives you the option of going to either place. It's...
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    Sierra Nevada IPA Glasses - EOI

    1. Yob: 6 (Idzy 2) 2. Lagerbomb: 6 3. Unclebarrel: 6 4. Paddy2: 6 5. Camo6:6 (Danwood 2, Woostyle 2) 6. Punkin: 6 7. DU99 6 8. CUBE 6 9. Westy: 6 10. 2much2spend: 6 11. Rocker1986: 6 12. Browndog 6 13. Crofty 18 14. RexBanner 6 15. jc64 6 16. Muddy Waters 6 - Willing to split my...
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    Reverse Flow Braumeister Clone

    Hey Kev, What's the minimum volume you can run on your system with the 5.5kg of grain (I assume this is max?). I'm trying to work out a system similar to what you've got, but want to know what the max SG is I can get out of it after running it as you normally would. Hoping for something in the...
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    ForSale : 3 vessel Brewrig (75lt pots)

    Hey mate. What's included in the brewtroller kit? Bubbler setup and temp probes? Easily adaptable for rims? Looking at a 3v build now Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T using Tapatalk now Free
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    chinook rhizomes - Inner West (Melb), Free to a good home

    If you still have 1 and are happy to post i will transfer $$. let me know. no worries otherwise
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    electric element rating and heat density

    Hi guys, finally looking at getting back into brewing and setting up a 3v RIMS system. Currently looking at what elements I will need. Plan is for 3 total (1 MLT, 1RIMS tube, 1 ketlle). System will be all 50L vessels so probably looking at max boil of ~40L or thereabouts. The plan is to...