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I finally got sick and tired today of all the plastic bottles in my fridge that contained 100mm of wort and 3mm of yeast on the bottom.

So i went out and bought 25 vials and a stand. Ive washed my yeast with distilled water and then placed them into the vials. As a result my fridge now has a heap or room and i have various vials of the same yeast. It means of course that i will have to build up my yeast a day earlier but the pros i think far out weigh the cons.

The way i figure it is that i will have various vials of 1st generation yeast. the money i save i think will be great. Thanks Chiller for the idea! B)
Wedge what kind of vials did you get? I have been wanting to do something like that for a long time but have not found any cheap and suitable containers.

Any pics?
Yeah, i think i got taken for a ride. I paid $1 per vial, plastic screw top 50ml vial plus $20 for the stand. I paid for it before i realise how expensive it was. I could have got 100 odd glass vials screw lid, no stand but only 10ml for $35.

I wonder what cheaper ways there are i'm sure there is a vial supplier out there that might be cheaper.
Personally I'd just rather buy the yeast. Having worked in micro labs I know the methods of sanitation available at home aren't suited to medium to long term storage of yeast. Malt extract costs a significant amount per starter, so it is both safer and financially acceptable to buy yeast when I need it. I used to push my yeast hard, now I'm happy getting 3 to 5 brews per pack/tube.
Good point Murray. I dont like the price of DME but i buy it to make a starter with my wyeast anyway. I just need to buy an extra 100 grams for the first step. That's still cheaper than buying a $10 pack of yeast.
No one likes the price of DME

Next brew, sparge an extra litre after collecting all the wort you need for the brew, pour into icecube tray and freeze. next starter, just unfreeze and boil the cube, free starter wort!

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