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I tried to search the forum but could not find what I was looking for.

I am doing a 58L All Grain IPA on the weekend and want to make a good Yeast starter a couple of days beforehand.

I have DME and 2 X dried packets of US-05.

How much of a starter should I make and what are some of your methods in making a good starter?
In general - with dry yeast - a starter is not needed (and it can actually be a hindrance) - simply pitch the correct amount of dry yeast, it's already packed with the nutrients it needs as part of the manufacturing process.

As to how much you should use, visit MrMalty:

There are various 'starter' threads around if you use the search function, including one with lots of pictures I made some time ago.
I have been advised previously on this forum that typically in a starter you get about 100B cells per L. For a 1.065 OG and 58L beersmith says you want 687B for the ferment, so 7L starter or 4 packs of dried yeast.

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