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Howdy guys, I know where I can get White Labs yeast but does anyone know a HBS in Sydney where I can buy some Wyeast Yeast.

I am particulary after the Wyeat Danish Lager Yeast to try and make a Cascade Premium Lager Clone.

Thanks guys.
Also Grain and Grape in Melbourne will post them for you. They have a 6+ month old wyeast pack special running all the time @ $7.50-send them an email to see what they have. It's possible that they have a Danish on special there. That's where I have to buy my yeast as no HBS locally stock liquid yeasts, but I also have a few brewing mates that I can usually get a slant or cake from.

I can't remember what they charge for the postage as I haven't ordered for a while and when I do there are usually other goodies in the package.

Cheers, hope it helps.

Wassa, I'll try to give you a PM in the next few days about Cascade Premium too if I remember.
I was rummaging through G&G's cheapie yeasts the other day.

They've got plenty of Danish II (Or Euro lager as it's known). I actually made a pils from this yeast, finishes very dry, not a lot of character and really showcases your hops.

Just wish I hadn't used Tettnang though. Didn't make the beer the most pleasant for some reason. Upfront flavours are a little weird and the weirdness is all vegetal hop. <_<

Warren -
Whoops forgot.

Here's a good link for some tips on making an Oz premium.

Warren -