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Just a question once your pack it ready and you have made a 1.7ltr starter. How long do you guys wait till you think you have enough yeast to pitch
I usually just give it a couple of days. I use a 2L coke bottle, and squeeze it before putting the cap on. It pops out after 2 days or so. Seems to work ok.
Probably lots of views on this one but my current ways of doing things are:

If it is a brand new wyeast I smack it 1 week before brew day and make a 2L starter once it swells this gets divided amongst 6 stubbies after fermentation looks to be complete (shake (careful!) and pour).

From a stubbie starter if I am organised I get it going in 1.5L of starter about 48-24hrs before brew day. Hopefully on brew day I have seen signs of action in the starter. Varies, sometimes a good Krausen, mostly I can see the bubbles rising in it like a carbonated beer and up to 1cm of yeast sitting on the bottom. Ideally I would say allow two days before brew day to get the starter going.

I always taste a small amount before pitching, if it is putrid it goes in the bin.
JasonY how long does the yeast last after you have put them in the stubbies
Something to heed when reusing liquid yeast. Always taste test your yeast before pitching into a brew. You will know if it is off. :eek:
I have had starters last over 12 months. I recently threw out a 1056 which I had used about 4 times but it was about 18 months old. And I dont split my yeast into stubbies. I make a 2 to 3 litre starter and decant half off and place in fridge in a single bottle.

Cheers and bollocks