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Wtb: 15-20 Litre Urn

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Fat Bastard

Brew Cvlt Doom
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I've seen a few new ones around in these capacities, but before forking out for a new one, thought I'd ask here if anyone had one they wanted to get rid of.

Preferably 15 litres, but would consider a 20 litre at a pinch, around 2000-2400watt. Exposed element is ok as I only want it for a HLT for sparge water.

I'm on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, but will travel (within reason) for the right unit.


I have an urn you may be interested in. You can see a photo and info here. You can have it for $25 + Post. Send me a PM if interested and I will get a price for post this weekend. Cheers WoolBrew.