Wort Aeration Using Compressor.

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Howdy to everyone.
After having a stuck fermentation with my last stout, I wanted to make sure I aerate the wort better in my next one.
Is there any reason I cant use my workshop compressor, dial it down and run the air through a small valve to limit flow so that its not too violent with air, just bubble gently for say half an hour, or just one tank full of air ?
As long as the air smells ok from my compressor, and the tank is clean, I cant think of any reason why this wouldnt work.
I used to shake the fermenter like mad but the rubber lid seal is now cracked in both of my fermenters.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
I wouldn't go an air compressor in my beer. The O2 bottle would be nice. Otherwise try using a whisk for 30secs, and even drop 1 drop of olive oil in it.

Who knows what sort of lubes and oils are in there that may contaminate your beer.

Not to mention all the airborne bugs and shit you'd be sucking through the compressor and pumping into your wort! Doesnt make sense to be "sanitised" up until the fermenter and then force unsterilised air into it!
Since I started adding in a tsp of yeast nutrient in the last 10 mins of the boil I've never had an issue with stuck ferments.

Just sayin.
Using your compressor is a good idea, just use one of these to filter out any contamination. I think the concept of a food grade compressor is getting a bit beyond the pale.
For what it's worth ,
I use a compressor with a in line moisture trap and .2 micron filter ...
I built it after a bloke at my club showed me his....
Must be okay as he consistently places in beer comps...
Olive oil Kev ?

Yep good old olive oil. Helps the yeasties a lot. Use the google search option above for "olive oil" there is heaps of info on it, with references to case studies etc. Some say you don't need to aerate the wort at all, but I still do.

Thanks for replies,
Might give the inline filter a go,
Yeast nutrient is on the agenda as well now.
Thanks again
yeah inline filters are cheap . plus if they work you should get no bad bugs ?
i use one from 'CB' with a fish pump and it really gets the yeast partying man :)

Pure O2 is the best if you can afford it !
Yes I was doing it via a compressor and THIS for years and getting great results.
Compressor has shite its self :(
I have now got lazy and do it by rented bottle O2.

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