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looks rather expensive! But quite tasty.

I like
Thier luxury pack (found here) looks quite nice, and not bad value at $65 (plus delivery, but you Adelaidians wouldnt have to worry about that).
International Beer Shop do monthly or bi-monthly beer packs for around $50 and will deliver to Perth metro for $5 (From memory). Reasonable value and great selection.
deebee or any of you other sandgropers :p , where is the International Beer Shop?
I have a mate going over to Perth tomorrow and he is keen to have a look.

The range indicated on the website for the international beer shop is just amazing.

I had heard rumours that all the beer imported into aus comes through WA, and not much of it gets any further..... seems like the case, though ti still doesn't make much sense when most of the market is on the east coast.