Wlp833 German Bock Yeast

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Too right Hopeye :D

I have used it in an Oktoberfest, Bock and Munich Dunkel. Can u say malty, I know you can :)

I recommend it thoroughly for those malty styled lagers.

I have a bock made with this in CC at the moment, and it is a lovely malty brew, without being at all thick and cloying. In fact, I got attenuation better than the manufacturers range, but still retained the malt flavours.
I will bottle half this weekend, and leave the other half in CC for another month or so, so still a month before I get to taste this brew for real, but I am looking foward to it.

I did a bock and a pils with this yeast, and I can highly recommend it. It does give a wonderful malty profile indeed :)