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Apologies for what is a somewhat useless topic, but I have the urge to ask anyway.

What colour should a wifebeater be? I've always thought they were supposed to be navy blue, but apparently over in the US they're thought of as white (and they don't grok the word singlet, either). I asked this question on another aussie forum a few months ago, but the results were inconclusive.

So, what colour is a wifebeater? White, navy, or any?
Definitely WHITE.....with a big sweaty stain down the front and from the pits.
The front stain can also contain some ale reside; or Stella
The original 'Jackie Howe' I think was blue, but certainly not white or grey. It was named after one of the best shearers of all time, who's record for the most sheep blade shorn in a day still stands to this day even though he set it 100 years ago or something. I may be wrong on that count, but i'm fairly certain it's close to the mark.

Thats something interesting for ya,

definately blue, in accordance with the prophecy.
I dig the story, chatty. Cheers.

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