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I've been lurking for months on this site. I was keen to learn from you all and didn't feel 'qualified/knowledgable' enough to ask questions. It wasn't necessary really because even though I was new to brewing nothing much has gone wrong.... until now.

I saw a recipe here for a Munich Helles (from Ken I think) and thought I'd give it a try. It was based on a Morgan's Golden Saaz Pilsner kit with Saaz for dry hopping. Nothing much beyond what I had already done, except I used hop pellets rather than the tea-bag style hops. And it was my first attempt at using a lager yeast (Saflager).

I pitched the yeast on 6 July and everything was going well. I racked after 7 days and dry hopped as per the instructions with 25g of Saaz. At that stage the beer was pretty clear, much as I would have expected.

Anyway tonight I thought I'd bottle it but to my dismay it was cloudy. The beer didn't have any strange films on the surface or anything, just very unappealing.

I decided it wouldn't be worth bottling, so I have racked it again and am just going to let it sit. Oh, I did taste it. It didn't taste too bad, if a little too hoppy.

What do you think could be the problem?
A inline filter (like the ones from K-mart $6) that picks up all the hops will help, also make sure the 2ndry is not moved about befoer you bottle or the crap will get stired up...

otherwise bottle and it should settle out to be clean in time.

That said i find the beer from my 2ndry is clear as can be even with hops....

Altho i did drop my 2ndry on the weekend just before finished stiring up all the crap so the last 5 bottle (rest was Kegged clean) was cloudy but within a hour it looked fine. Smelt like a dream!!!
Beer from my secondary is generally at least a bit cloudy. It settles out in the bottle.

If you have the frig space, you should cold condition it for a few weeks and then bottle it.

I don't have the frig space so I would just bottle it and store and store... It will clear up okay and sounds like it will be a decent beer.
Phew, thanks fellas. I was pretty annoyed that what should have been a reasonable beer had seemed to go pear-shaped.

I'll follow your advice - just give it time.

While I have the chance, thanks everyone for their posts - in this topic and others. I find this site great with approachable and knowledgable people.


good to see you in the posts - welcome aboard! Although I may have to have a word you you about your interest in chopping down trees :eek:

Re your lager, if you don't have room to cold condition the beer in the fermenter, then after you bottle, stick a bunch of them in the back of the fridge for a few weeks and then enjoy the benefits of lagering ! Failing that, they should all clear up with time.

Cheers - Snow