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hi I'm putting all my equipment to start biab in my budget i bought a plate chiller and was all so looking at a bazooka screen


now what effect does adding something to the bottom of a pot , I'm using a 50l keg , have a effect on the whirlpool 6 or 12 inch , Ive put some hops in 2 years ago and are looking great so i don't want to block the chiller ..

also whats people fav beer with hallertau
If you can, go for the T-piece one. I have been using a straight bazooka in a 50L keg, but with an immersion chiller using the JZ method (recirculating using a pump to move the wort across the chiller and to form a whirlpool). Problem is that the flow becomes quickly restricted soon after the recirculation starts, because the bazooka sits across the diameter of the bottom of the pot gets clogged with a lot of hop matter. This, of course, completely ruins the whirlpool effect.

The T-piece should allow you to keep the bazookas out to the centre of the pot, and therefore picking up less hops , as in your case most of the trub and hops should collect in the centre (and would therefore be picked up by a straight bazooka).

Next batch I am looking at removing the bozooka completely and coming up with a pick-up that sits closer to the side of the pot. Was contemplating starting a thread on keggle pickups (something like "Show us ya best pick up technique").

I'm biased when it comes to beer with Hallertau...favourite has to be Bavarian Weissbier of course!!

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