Grainfather or BrewZilla?

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My first one blew up after 3 years, my fault should have aborted the brew day when I saw I had a small leak from the tap. Fixed that but saw there was still water dripping from the underside of the Guten meaning the water was in the electrics, got all the way to mash out before it blew.
A good tip is to run a bead of silicone between the kettle and the bottom section containing the electrics. This goes for all of those Chinese SVB's.
The thing with the new cheap single vessels is that they’re so cheap it wouldn’t bother me to replace it every few years. I’ve had my robo since November and have done 34 batches in it. On track for 40 a year. That’s 120 in 3 years, not bad considering how much money I’m saving by not buying beer. Well, I still buy beer, but maybe 5% of what I drink all year. Even with all the toys and fancy ingredients I’m still way ahead than buying the same volume of half decent craft beer a year.
That's pretty cool! I was wondering how the BrewZilla managed temps or if that was another manual step that could lead to a spoilt brew to begin with ahah

I did watch both of these! but I think they were about the only 2. Will try do some reading in the forums tonight though.

Yeah all good in that respect, I've got a couple of 15 Ampers in my garage.

Good to hear!

Yeah that was my thought hence why I'm holding back on the purchase to see what's out there. Apparently the Grainfather comes in a 70L version but would imagine it would be quite expensive with little extra gain, similarly to the smaller models.

I intend to hang around but if I'm able to nip out and wash kegs or something while a brews on it's a bonus.

Will look into it however I think they're slightly overpriced for what they are.

If I can get the recipe from my local brewshop of one of their brews I reckon I'll be in the same boat!

Cheers for the replys. Looks like we're pointing towards the Guten at this stage!
They were the sorts of efficiencies I was talking about. You know what you're doing.

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