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  1. L

    Grainfather or BrewZilla?

    G'day all, I'm looking at making the jump to all grain brewing just not sure where to start equipment-wise. I'm currently running a kegerator which fits the 3x 20L kegs or a 60L keg so I'd like to aim for 50-60L batch size. I'm split between 1vs and 3vs as from what I've read: BrewZilla 65...
  2. Klarko

    GF conical with KegLand G20

    Hi, Am looking at buying a chiller for my GF conical. I'm balking at the cost of the GF glycol chiller in comparison to the KegLand G20 or G40 even. I'm wondering if anyone here has used either KegLand unit in conjuction with GF Conical and if so, what was the experience. I'm happy to fork...
  3. birusuki

    robobrew reliablility in 2019??

    I have been interested in a robobrew for a while, but always held back as I heard people having this problem or that. I live in Japan, and the seller is not an official seller so there is no warranty to speak of. And if something did go wrong it would all be out of my pocket, parts and shipping...
  4. A

    GrandFather - big beer help please

    Good Morning All. I'm planning to brew a Christmas Beer with a OG of 1.090/9kg of grain its big beer. I usually brew beers at about 5% ABV and the only time I've loaded the GF with that sort (8kg+) of grain load I had poor efficiency compared with my usual batch size.. I think it's because...
  5. NzBrewerMatt

    Fermenting in a Fermentasaurus

    Hi Home Brewers! Just finished brewing an all grain batch last night which I have transferred into the Fermentasaurus which I am using for the first time. I'm definitely excited to start using the Fermentasaurus as it looks to be a great piece of kit and it was extremely cheap for a plastic...
  6. ramo

    Thanks for the add newbie here!

    Looking to start my first ever brew, I've been doing some reading on homebrewing by dummies haha i think i might be ready for the first batch. Don't own any equipment and looking to get some feed back if i should go with a ALL in one vessel or 3- vessel system. I've been looking at GF and RB all...