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Hey Guys sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place but I got no idea where it should go.

Anyway, I will be having a party in a weeks time and a mate and I decided that I should get a keg/s. Anyway, I wouldn't know where to get a keg or the price of a keg?

Which stores in Brisbane will fill the keg etc for me? And what kind of prices would I be looking at?

Anyway thanks for you help!!
I would suggest that your best port of call would be a club, to buy a keg, and hire a temprite. I'm sure that there are a heap of party hire places that would hire a keg and associated equipment.

However, the best advice that I could give you, (and I'm sure I will get support from the forum in general) is to give yourself a few extra weeks, and fill the keg yourself!

If you want to keep the Queensland flavour going, try a Morgans Kit and a bit of malt. Onward and upward from there!


Hi Welcome to the forum. Do your friends or yourself have a particular BRAND or STYLE of beer that you wish to drink ? What suburb are you in ? Do you have a 'regular' pub you frequent ?


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