When Will It Stop ?

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Do you find you are the same as me ??

In the past 6 months i have aquired these items and keep saying to my-self,
'Well i think thats about it, ?! '

Not so, as i still have more 'stuff' i want.

1 s.s fridge with 3 taps and thermostat ( commercial fridge )
1 spare gas bottle.
1 stir plate & beakers
1 mill
1 tobins temp controler ( for the fermenting fridge )
1 refractometer.
1 filter for the beer.
1 subscription to BYO mag.
Numerous books, thermometers and gadgets from ebay.
and i am sure i can keep adding to this list !!!!!!!!

Will it stop, or are we victims of H. Brewing.
Hey , no regrets !


(oh, hope the Mrs doesnt see this list :huh: )
You still need:
a pressure cooker
assorted glassware
pH meter
scales that measure up to 10 kg
scales that measure down to 0.1 gms
join AHB which includes subscription to Zymurgy
larger mash tun
larger boiler
more kegs of assorted sizes
another couple of fridges
more fermenters
Kunze's book
bigger house
Nope, it never stops.
In fact it doesn't ever slow down either

i agree it never stops. ive got to ask what do you use the pressure cooker for
agree it never stops. ive got to ask what do you use the pressure cooker for

Spuds i think Barls !
Pressure cooker is for sterilising gear for yeast farming.

You pressure cook up petri dishes with agar media, test tubes for sterile water storage and 100ml erlenmeyer flask with wort for the first step from the petri dish.
right im back with me peeler where are those spuds :wacko:
but seriously it makes sense now im going to have to steal the old mans one when im up there this weekend ^_^
and when you've got everything you go for bigger & better & shinier & more expensive & ..............
then you go Pro and your income falls 50%...

but what a great life !!!
warrenlw63 said:
It's called a Brewer's Arms Race. :lol:
Ha! We had one of those last year, except it was a Strong Ale cold war. Ended up with mutually assured destruction by hangover with Barley Wines, Imperial Stouts and some killer Imperial IPAs.

Strangely, ordinary bitter seems popular this year. I think its a backlash.

As for equipment construction - I can see no sign of that slowing down. HERMS is beckoning (with our own PID controller).

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