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I have to go overseas for around 5 weeks soon .. no not a holiday (I wish) but working. So far I have only done K&K and one all malt extract brews and am interested in Partial mashing and AG. Does anyone know of a decent book that covers these in detail?

If I can't make and drink home brew I might as well read and dream about it!!
How to Brew by John Palmer.
Grumpys have copies in stock and will post one out to you.
Radical Brewing BY Randy Mosher

Not so much a step by step how to do it book but more of an exploration of beer styles and ingeredients. Entertaining and informative reading all in one

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There was a similar thread recently on this forum, i can't recall where it was. You should be able to search for it. It discusses brewing books.

If i am right in that Cranebook is in Sydney, you might want to check out Kinokuniya in the Victoria Gallery in the CBD. Check out there website, http://bookweb.kinokuniya.co.jp/indexohb.cgi?AREA=06 to see what they have at current. If your desperate and at a last resort the bigger border stores sometimes have some decent books in stock, Macquarie occasionally a few decent introductory and intermediate books on AG and the like


I have to recommend Charlie Papazians Complete Joy of Homebrewing. It gives you some basic info and some more complex reading on all grain. And its only about 25 bucks. I refer to it every now and again when i forget something.
one i just finished and recommend is" beer for pete,s sake " it,s not a how to book very interesting all the same.
Hi guys I have Just ordered 18 of John Palmers books they will be here in a few weeks.
The cost for these Babies will be $25 each instead of $40 that most home brewing shops charge
So if you are intereated get in quick cause the last lot went within days.

Email us at: [email protected]

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