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I'm just about to make a Bavarian Lager (ccopers) and am wondering wether to use Saaz hops or Hallertau or something else??
Any suggestions?
depends on what you want you brew to taste like Muzzy
You have two very different hops there , what are you looking for?
Then we can help you out
IMO, Saaz is a little out of place in a Bavarian lager.
Either Hallertau, if you like floral, Tettnang if you like spicy.

Not too much, only 10g. Bavarian lagers are not known for hoppiness.
Hey Mussy

Personally, not knowing what many of the different hops tastes like, I just starting to go though them, one by one to work out the different tastes myself. It's a big job but I willing to taste all that beer.. hehe

Maybe go the: Tettnang, that's the one I'm currently brewin down stairs. Sounds like it should fit in nicely.

i would use either tettnanger or hallertau

ive used them in AG brewing and had really good results. (vienna lager)
Given the two hops you mentioned, Hallertau is definately closer to true style for a Bav Lager. I've had success in the past with the Coopers Bavarian Lager kit, in a part mash or steeped grains brew, using Northern Brewer for bittering and some Hallertau for flavouring. I wouldn't go too heavy on either hop, though, because as bradmcm advised earlier, Bavarian Lagers aren't really heavily hopped beers, and I agree with him on that one.

Thanks guys for helpin out.

I reckon I'll go with the Hallertau hops, it sounds the most appropriate!
Here is what I've got fom the shop: (any tips?)

1 Can of cooper Bav Lagar
1kg coopers brew enhancer 1
1Kg of Morgans Caramalt master blend
+ the Hallertau Hops

Not sure thought how much Brew Enhancer to put in - 500g?

Cheers, MUZZY
I prolly wouldn't bother with any of the Brew Enhancer - it will increase alc % and add little to the flavour. The 1 kg of the master blend will provide sufficient fermentables for a standard brew.


That brew enhancer; has it got any maltodextrin in it?
If so, I would use it, along with the 1kg Morgans Caramalt - you can always add some clean water to the fermenter to achieve an original gravity of around 1.050 anyway. I like my Bavarian Lagers to have a little bit of body in them - I find that a final gravity of around 1.012 is nice and gives the beer a malty lager feel - which I reckon is appropriate for a ballsy German Lager...but that's just my opinion!

Good to see you're going to use the right hops (Hallertau) for the beer - are you using pellets, flowers or a tea bag? If you use pellets or flowers, do a small boil (approx 10L for 20mins) and toss in the can of Caramalt - that way you get to key in the hop bittering and flavouring resins and oils with the malt and end up with a better brew - you can add the brew enhancer sugars and the Bav Lager kit at flameout and stir through gently to mix the enhancer into the concentrated boil. Just watch the boil when you add the hops - you can get a bit of froth, so make sure you use a decent sized pot for the boil with plenty of headspace!

Considering its only a 20 minute boil and you are using the hopped extract kit (which should not be boiled - just add it at flameout so you don't boil out any of the flavour and aroma notes), I normally use around 25g of 4.5% AAU Hallertau pellets for this beer.
If the brew enhancer is just dextrose, then all you're doing is upping the gravity and resultant alcohol without improving the body or flavour of the beer.
It's your beer - and your call!
Cheers guys, Any info is helpful!

The beer enhancer is a coopers Ingrediant with Dex & Maltodextrin.

I've only got the Hallertau Hops in tea bag form, but am now thinkin I might go and get some pellets so I can achive a more 'deeper' bittering. My last few beers have really malty nice but not balanced.

Re alch levels:
I like to stay around the 5% mark. There is no indication on the can about alch levels. The dextrose/Maltodextrin packet says 1kg adds 4.2%.

So maybe the Can + 500gs of Dex/Maltodex????? :huh:
TGry the can + 500g light dried malt.

maltodextrine is for thickening packet soups :)

Jovial Monk

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