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What else do you drink?

  • Wine

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  • Vodka

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  • Whiskey

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  • Liquor (please specify)

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  • Brandy

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  • Port

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  • Gin

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  • All else

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  • Hahahaha i only drink beer

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Come on be honest, personally I enjoy all of em!
I make mead and enjoy drinking that, aim to distil some fruit wines into fruit brandies and meads into mead liqueurs in 2005

Jovial Monk
Well, Mr Monk,
If I get to travel to Adelaide for work in January, you better to ready to "put up or shut up".
I wanna see your stuff.
Here's a good one...can I help in the shop one weekend. That would help my beer larnin'
Yes, I replied to the survey.

Well, Its either beer or bundy usually. I find if Im having a big night, I can drink a lot more bundy than beer. Smirnoff Black is also a very good drink if you want to get really pissed. But for enjoyment, beer is still number one.
only beer for me (if ive learned my lesson!). well, beer and water, but never together.
morry said:
Well, Its either beer or bundy usually. I find if Im having a big night, I can drink a lot more bundy than beer.
What he said. If there's no beer I enjoy on tap (which is getting increasingly likely these days :() then I usually drink bundy. Don't mind a good red at home either. :)
Wheres the RUM?

Love to finish a night with bundy draught or any of the jamacian rums
Anything but Ouzo. Distant memories of being a stupid teenager heaving up in the toilet bowl for hours. I never want to taste that stuff spraying through my nose again :ph34r:
Wine, Wild Turkey, vodka, whiskey, rum, baileys, port, muscat, you name it.
I like everything. Whiskey is a favourite as is ouzo.
These days I dont drink much though.

I'm predominantly a beer man. My beer.
But I do enjoy a good bourbon (Wild Turkey, Jim Beam Gold Label etc).
I've gone off wine in the last few years but really enjoy a good Grandfather Port after a nice meal.
Finally after a big pork knuckle I can never resist a schnapps or two. Jagermiester is a fav.

Apart from Beer in most of its many varieties I also love wine. Red wine, white wine, sparkling, fortified or still. As long as it is dry and well made. One of the advantages of living in the Hunter Valley :)

Apart from beer 95% of the time -Red wine, Stickies and a Bottle of french champagne once a year.
I love wine. I used to like scotch, but I don't drink spirits anymore, save for the rare tequila shot. Beer is more than good enough for me.
Beer is obviously the best but I don't mind a Shiraz or Cab Sav with food.

I also like single malt scotch. Not a big fan of the blends.
I voted for wine as once a year at this time of year i drink a few bottles of shiraz and cab sav, ussually all these few bottles will be consumed at a work christmas party and i end up a complete drunken mess, which makes playing games later in the evening such as 'who's line is it anyway' quite.....er um...interesting!
Anyway ussually if iam not drinking beer i drink 'coke', water or iced coffee!

I love all our fermented friends :p .

Living only 45 minutes from Australia's premier wine growing region, the Barossa Valley, it's hard not to get into wine. To me wine is just a diverse and enjoyable as beer. Often it's much more accesible, particularly at restraunts you can almost always find a top quality wine but rarely a top quality beer.

I also love spirits, and whiskey is my favourite. A single malt from the Isle of Islay is a joy to drink on a cold winters night. Laphroaig (http://www.laphroaig.com/) is a particular favourite of mine.

But whether it's beer, wine or spirits it's got to be good quality. I don't drink just for the sake of it, I drink because I like the aroma, taste etc. If it tastes crap then I'll have a glass of water instead. Even on a stinking hot day I would rather have a cup of tea than a VB.

beer almost exclusively, with the odd glass of wine at dinner, a single malt scotch perhaps.

in my younger days stones green ginger wine was very popular, and when a poor student maybe even summerwine :huh:

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