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I saw this on another forum - it may be of interest.....

Hi to all & those on the West Coast,

Just a quick note to remind you that the January meeting of the 'West Coast Brewers' is being held next Monday, the 12th of January. If you've never been before, or wandered off, now's the perfect time to rock up and become a part of the fun.....
make sure you bring a glass.....

Rivervale Community Centre
Corner of Francisco St. & Surrey Rd.

Time:- 7.30pm

What's happening this year:-
We plan to hold the meeting on a slightly more formal basis.
We will be introducing more formal tastings. (round table type discussions)
maybe some theme nights & social outings to generate interest as well.
hopefully also a few club competitions.
A couple of members will be holding Mash Demo's this year so if you are at all interested in the craft, come along and make yourself known. There's always people upgrading their systems etc. and it a great place to gather info and other peoples mashing hand-me-down equipment....

What's happening this month:-
My mills better than your mill!.... yeah go on.... prove it....
There is going to be a Mill-Off!, so bring along your grain mill if portable, and we'll compare crushes discuss results etc. If you don't have a mill, this would also be a good opportunity for you to get some grains crushed for your first all grain/partial mash brew!
The Sail & Anchor Homebrew comp entries are due in a couple of week. So I'm sure there will be a few samples floating around for tasting. Yet another reason to come along and get to sample some (hopefully) prize winning homebrews. I'll be bringing along a couple of my entries for some feedback anyway.....

Look forward to meeting you

Asher for now...

Sounds like it might be worth going along - anyone interested?
Hmm maybe. not sure i can get to rivervale at 7.30 on a monday without rocking the boat. sounds good though.
I may go along too. I'll see how it goes :)
let us all know how it goes kook.if they have a meeting next time im in perth i wouldnt mind going along for a look.

big d
I've been to one of their meetings before. Meant to go to more of them (they're monthly) but I find it hard to get motivated for it after work on a monday :)
Well, I managed to fight back the apathy last night and went to the meeting. It was great. Sort of a parallel universe to this forum really - except in living colour...

There were 7 people there in total (apparently there were a few regulars that could not make it) ages raging from a Uni Student to a retired chap then me and another newbie (Roy from TWOC was there too). Everyone was very friendly. There was a lot of knowlege there and everyone was very keen to explain (my) ill informed questions.

The meeting itself was quite informal, but I suspect that was because everyone was enjoying too much the sitting around chatting to actually start a meeting. After a bit, we did sit around a table and spent the next hour or so discussing the beers which people had brought and how they were made and the systems they were made on.

I didn't take a glass thinking that a bit presumptuous, but one of the guys rummaged around and found a coffee cup for me and insisted I get tasting.

All in all, it was interesting and enjoyable, I will definatley do it again and would encouage others to do the same.

...oh and I told them about the Clancy's thing this weekend and a couple sounded interested.
That sounds great Goat , I would love to be able to go to meetings like that , more people should go to these things , only way they get off the ground
Sounds good goat. I should try and get along to some of these ... just have to limit the tasting if any is going on so I can get back home. Did they have the mill off? What message board did you see the post on.
I was a bit worried about the tasting too, but the samples were pretty small and there was a lot more talking about than drinking of. I probably had one coffee cup full of beer all up. I guess its a factor of the the number of drinkers also - we might find that a problem on Saturday....

The web site is here, its the Australian Craftbrewer site. I subscribe to their daily newsletter/digest. I don't often read them, but I happened to read the right one.
Where do you subscribe Goat?
HI Batz. Follow the links through 'Community', then 'message digest'...... I think
JasonY, sorry didn't read your post properly the first time....

Not there was no 'mill off' - it was considered that there may not have been enough people there to make it worth while. The plan is (IIRC) to do it in a future meeting. We did discuss mills a bit though - it seemed that the phil mill was the most used.
There is no better way to learn than with other brewers IMO.
I have learnt lots since meeting with the Adelaide Flocculators.

Cheers and bollocks

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