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Equipment For Sale All grain brewery kit and kegs Gold Coast

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I've not had time to do more than a few FWK for a year or more and now have to move house, so I'm selling out for now.

I'd ideally like to sell the brewery as one lot & the kegs as another lot, but if you want everything I'll knock off $50.


Brewery is 86L boiler & Mash tun with malt pipe and basic recirculation, dual heaters elements. Probe for heat controller in lid keeps mash at temperature.
Wort pump + another pump that's working, but possibly missing parts.
Block & tackle with welded custom made hooks to raise malt pipe.
Two boxes of brewery hardware, inc thermometers & wort pick up.
Grain mill with hopper & bucket.
Water filter + hoses & tap.
Plate chiller
Brew stand on heavy duty castors inc. welded fittings for chiller & pump. Built to hold 2v but only been used for 1v.
Brewing book.
Yeast collection flask.
Half finished brewery controller, with box & boards & stuff (Maybe Mathos controller, but I don't know much about this as I bought it in this state).
Probably other bits and pieces as I find them.
All the grain I have left.

$450 for everything

Kegs & serving

All slide on & includes a single keg slide on adapter that fits all of them as well as corny key adapters so they can be used in your normal set up.

3 x 50l kegs. They are brewery stamped, but legally acquired from scrap merchant. They were apparently recovered by council and sent for depressurisation & crushing but I bought them instead. I can provide details if required.
2 x 20lt kegs. Very good condition and hardly used.
Most parts needed for a jockey box (no eskie). Beer gun may be a bit worn, but coil & fittings are all good.

$350 for the lot.

Pick up is Mount Tamborine.


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Are they still available? Good luck with the sale.

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