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Ferntree Gully - Melbourne
I want to get some SS kegs like CUB etc to make a brew tree or just a boiling pot for now. Can you buy them from metal yards or whats the deal?

I can hardly take them from a pub :rolleyes:
I'm also interested in acquiring these for the same purpose. Please post if you find a source.

maybe we could organise a bulk purchase.
these are very hard to find somewhere to buy i rang everybrewery no luck.
if your lucky enough to find some in a scrap yard cool its possible.
but liberating them from a hotel is probaly the only way to get one(NOT RECOMENDED).the hotels are not esspecially responsible for them as SOME breweries dont keep a decent log of them there main concern is with the number of pallets returned not kegs.i know this because a hotel owner i know said i could have as many as i wanted.ive been offered a few pre mix spirit kegs a few pubs have them lying around.
thats what i was thinking, if anyone knows of the normall place to find them please tell....

I thought that on the keg it had property of CUB (and hence they can be sold?)

If we find a metal yard with a stack we can buy a heap as a group
just an idea too what i did for the mash tun was cut the bottom out instead of the top so i can take the screw in part out and rinse water though and out the bottom.
found a place selling 1 keg $75

and another thats calling me back might have some for about $50

there not cheap as they are sold by stainless steel weight :(

what do others pay / what are they worth
yeah if i hadn't i would have paid that much a actuall cooking pot with the same grade SS COST A FORTUNE.
the kegs make awesome kettles.what burner are you going to use?
If you're found "liberating" a keg, you can be jailed. I'm serious about this. All of them are recorded by serial number (usually a barcode sticker on the base of the keg) and both CUB and LN take keg stealing very seriously. The story about pallets is BS from what I've been told by an ex CUB staff member.

Find one at a scrap yard, or ask a hotel owner if he has an kegs that have been sitting there for years. You'll find if they've been sitting there for 3+ years they will have been written off.

A SS pot that holds 50L will cost you upwards of $300. Getting a keg for $150 or less is a bargain.

edit - It also pisses of the punters and the shareholders. Eventually the cost of keg replacement has to filter down to the cost of your beer at the pub and share prices.
well thats why i am buying it rather than steeling it from a pub. Its me or the liquid metal.

P.S CUB wont be seeing mine... and the lable will be burt off, or serials grinded :) not that it would help

still i want my keg tree
i might try paramaount browns or i could borrow one from the transport yard accross from my work but i may get the sack if i got caught they have 30 lt guiness one and cub and coopers keg maybe i ring paramount browns
yes your right kook ive actually knocked backed the offers of taking kegs.

jazman i tried paramount browns but no luck a guy at one of the breweries told me they used to get all the dortmunder kegs from the sh*tzenfest.when i rang P.B's they said they werent this year.they used to get the kegs because it was more money wise for the dort munders to sell the stainless steal than ship it back to germany.

ben what burner have you got?

When you do get hold of your kegs, cut the hole to suit a large pot lid, as a lid will allow you to bring the wort to a rolling boil quickly(5-10 mins as opposed to 30-45 mins without a lid), assuming you are going to use a 3-ring burner and your BBQ gas bottle and regulator as your heat source

ben ive got two 3 ring burners from bunnings $70 EACH.THEY USUALL JUST RUN ALL RINGS FLAT OUT.the HLT ones got a gas solienoid on it controlled buy a temp controller so i can keep the HLT what ever temp i like i can even leave it for as long as i want (shoot off to a LHBS)and know it wont over heat etc.it rocks.
My 3ring burner was either $39 or $49 at ranger camping. Cant remember which. I think the regulator / hose / tank ended up costing more than the burner.

If you want a 3 ring burner , go to the Vic Market, I seen them there for about 50 bucks.

NICE PRICEs .ive seen these work on natural gas too they work much better.i got one at $50 it was a shelf model going out at stocktake.can you get those burners the americans use in oz?.anyone seen them here?
i use a seperate gas bottle for each that way if one runs out i can leave one going while i run out swap the other one.or just swap between the two burners if ive been brewing and drinking all day and to pissed to drive.you all know how it is.
The $49.95 price stated above for that burner seems steep to me. I've seen the exact same unit in the city at an Army Disposals store for $30 to $35. Also if you check your local wine and homebrew shop they'll have the same burner with an included cast iron trivet for $60. FWIW, Grape and Grain have the 3 ring burner gas line and regulator for $100, or the 4 ring burner, line and regulator for $110 which is the best deal I've found lately - I'm in the market for this item also.

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