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Wanted: Fridge Door Shelf

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The Missus is on a roll today, first she put a bloody big scratch down the side of the car in 4WD terrain, then she broke the bloody fridge door, cheapest I've found so far is $63 + postage, a bloody rip off, Nearly cheaper to buy a new fridge. Last time I broke one (exploding yeast slurry in glass bottle hand grenade) I reckon it was about $45 still a bloody rip off, I sometimes wonder why do we pay the tin pots in the ACCC?

Anyway, I thought with all the fridges between us & most of the shelves are unused, I'd probably find a second hand one just for the postage, and do my bit of recycling for the planet.

from a whirlpool 6WRI22MW,

also matches models 6WR124, 6WR122N, 6WRI22WK

measures 430mm from the outer edge of both catches, total width 438mm
120mm depth

How many decades do you qualify as temporary?

10/10 for effort though, looks like you're incubating marsupials, do you work at the Healsville Wildlife Sanctuary, maybe it was a captive kangaroo that did the damage in the first place?

funny, good on ya.
In all seriousness, you could try glueing it together with Loctite. That shit is pretty strong.
In all seriousness, you could try glueing it together with Loctite. That shit is pretty strong.

trying it as we speak, but give its at the worst possible point, I reckon it will fail, you gotta bend the clip pretty hard to get it to slot into the fridge door, will try reinforcing it with the duct tape, so your contribution has helped me in more than just humour
Have you tried online appliance spares? I got a hinge from them when everyone else couldn help
Super glue. Done.

Use as bottom shelf just in case.
"knead it" http://www.selleys.com.au/putty/epoxy/knead-it-multi-purpose

scuff it up a bit on the inside with sand paper so it sticks and use this shit, i would brace the area with it

amazing what it can do and hold onto, I used it most recently to hold cooling bit in a bar fridge when i bent it out of the way so the fermenter will fit. awesome :p
you can drill holes in it no drama once it's solid
Araldyte, the traditional strength version (not the 5 minute rubbish)

Make it up and slop it on so there's some beading when you hold the ends together. I've used it for a few fridge relate repairs

Could then brace the joint with some screws and new material too

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