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I am just wondering what people use when conditioning their lagers??
I normally just pop it in a jerry can and place in the fridge, but i have an empty keg handy at the moment and i think i may use this instead?
does anyone else do this??
I picked up a couple of 22l water jerry cans from Bunnings.
I used to stick a fermenter into the fridge, but why use a perfectly good fermenter for extended cold conditioning when it could be used for preparing the next brew to go in the jerrys???? :D
Not a kegger myself, but mates who do definitely condition in the kegs.
for lagers, i use the 20l blue rheem? jerries. 3 of them fit nicely in my main fridge. you can actually get about 22l in them but i aim to keep brew volume to about 20l which fits a corny, with maybe a some left over for a pet bottle if needed. i try to squeeze them to get most of the air out.

for ales, i usually just keg & let them sit a week or 2 in the 'beer' fridge.

Tim its quite possible, all you do is fill up the keg, gas it to ten psi then open the relief valve 3 times quickely. This is so it does not oxodise. Then keep it in you fridge to lager

I found the blue jerry cans from Big W work better then the bunnings ones, about the same price (just under $20) but they also have a place for a tap where as the bunnings ones do not from memory.

Once I have cold conditioned in the can I transfer it to a keg and leave it there for a few more weeks cold, giving taste tests until I am happy.

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I have two bigger kegs than my serving kegs with about 20mm cut from the dip tube. I just secondary in this, then rack to the 18 litre serving keg with cO2.

That said I only bother doing this with lagers. Ales just go from primary to keg.

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