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About a year ago, I was lucky enough to find a 30l Birko Urn on Gumtree for about $80.

It is a great urn and have no issues with it apart from the fact that it only holds 30l, which means I can just squeeze a keg size batch into it.

I want to start making bigger batches so I can put a keg away, but also bottle a few for away from home purposes, but the accounts manager does not want me doing anything that costs money. So I need to try and keep it cheap and simple.

After reading a few threads, I think my best option is to go a bigger pot with over the side element.

I have found these on ebay:



Will a 2400w element be enough to bring 50l to the boil and would it take long to get it there?

I know the Aluminium Vs SS argument., but would this set up work reasonably well.

It looks like I can upgrade for about $180.

Is there a better, more simplified idea??
There have been problems with those pots experienced by others ...search the forum
Craft brewer do a 70l pot at a decent price.
OTS elements are awesome and will get 50l to sort of a boil, so long as you insulate your pot.
the other option would be an birko or crown urn much simpler and both good quality cost isn't much more than you posted above
Craftbrewer 70l pot and a 3 or 4 ring burner. I use a three and can do double batches in this setup.
I do 25L comfortably, and have squeezed 36L from thr 2x 19L big w pots method. It will meet with accounts manager approval.

I know what you mean about the extra bottles for outings. I even entered mine into the comps.

A single OTS element like that is going to be marginal for a 50L batch. It'll bring one to an acceptable (barely) boil, but takes an age to do it. OK if you mostly want to brew 20 odd L batches and pop out a very occasional double, but as a person who uses one of those OTS elements in a 60L pot myself.... if your plan is regular circa 50L batches, then you either need to get yourself 2 of the OTS elements or go with a gas burner. I'm not a fan of fixed electric elements for BIAB and that option would be at the bottom of my list after you rule everything else out.

Note - I float an alfoil pie tin on the surface of the wort as its boiling, it drastically reduces heat loss at the liquid surface and increases boil vigor. If you were to go with a single OTS element, then IMO insulation and the pie tin (my kettle has both) are about the only way you'll manage a consistent and acceptable boil in the larger batch. Nothing much will help it be faster though, except more grunt.
Thirsty I am having dramas with evaporation. Would the pie tin add any other taste to the wort? Not being a smart arse for a changer just asking
Aluminium is stable up to 650 odd degrees, I would trust it to be ok sitting on boiling wort.
You haven't seen my wort :p Thanks for the reply Rob I'll give it a try next brewday..................Now I'll have to reconfigure everythign again but **** it that's what it's about!

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