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Like all homebrewers I'm always on the look out to contribute something back to the economy by purchasing a new "toy"

As my friends will atest this is my new toy.

The Americans rave about their Turkey friers so when the opportunity came up for me to test a couple with the correct regulator [must be the correct one or they are useless] I jumped at the chance.

This is the burner at first ignition. They burn without any yellow flame at all.

The burner has been off for 30 seconds and the frame is still red hot.

And finally safety.

One the weekend we brewed and the standard high pressure hose wasn't up to the task and "leaked". The flame wasn't lit at the time but if it was we could have had a very roasted beer.

I had a copper transfer tube made up to get the gas line well away from the heat source.

There are special hoses designed to handle the heat but this method carries a big "peace of mind" factor for me.

Facts and figures.

16 litres for mash from cold in under 8 minutes.

25 litres for sparge to 80c in 14 minutes

Gas useage. Mash water Sparge water and full boil less than 1.5kgs of lpg.

The burners and regulator are available from Globe Imports on Magill Road here in Adelaide. They are no longer on special but still sell for $29.95 each. The special regulator is about $50.00


Wow, awesome chiller.
That has gone on the capital expenditure list.

If I hadn't just bought 50kg of base grain, about 10kg of specialty grain and 4kg's of hop pellets, I'd be ordering tomorrow.

Anyone know of a good supplier for the burners in Sydney that you have previously bought from ?

Awesome, Stevo!

Will be at globe 9.01am tomorrow!


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getting very mellow indeed with some mixed berry melomel
I hope you had permission from Houston.

BTW my calculations put this at just under 30 MJ/hr. Maybe someone could check my calcs (I assumed starting temp for water was 17 deg and no heat lost).
bugger and i got a 3 ring burner recently that looks the goods
excellent feed back chiller.good thing im going to adelaide next week.on my shopping list for sure.
Those turkey burners look the same as the gas burner that is in a gas fired copper of olden day fame.
Most guys these days in SA use those old coppers as crab cookers and they are excellent.
I wonder if they ARE the same burner?
Maybe someone might know!
sosman said:
I hope you had permission from Houston.

BTW my calculations put this at just under 30 MJ/hr. Maybe someone could check my calcs (I assumed starting temp for water was 17 deg and no heat lost).
yeap you'll need to make a flight plan and be cleared for take off before you light one of these.
They roar, the sound they make is amazing.

sos i think the water may be cooler than that in adelaide a the moment.
Haven't measured it lately but its too cold to hold your hand in a bucket full of water for to long.
I have brewed on steve's system and with these burners i pulled of i brew in just over three hours.
Thats 1.5 hours less than my system.

oh the burst gas line was entertaining. I haven't seen a brewer jump that high and run for the hills before.

Cheers Jayse
Hi Chiller,
How about a pic of the special regulator for us country viewers?
Does this thing come with the stand or is that extra?
And a piccy of the regulator would be good thanks chiller.

This is the regulator for the burners. It is the same as the one Sosman uses on his burner.

The throughput is much higher than the standard high pressure one we can use on a 3 ring. I don't know if this reg would be suitable for a "normal" burner but it does have very good flow adjustment.


Johnno the burner is complete with stand. I removed all of the paint around the skirt as the heat is so intense the paint blistered and smoldered. The heat didn't effect the paint on the legs. That was the only "work" I had to do on them.

Dicko and others I've posted a pic of the reg and it is on page one of this thread.


Well the marvels of editing :)

Chiller or others who own one of these monsters

Are they easy regulated down for the 90 min boil?

Looks like you could boil the kettle dry with that :lol: :lol:
Ok I now have two of these myself. Just making a flight plan now.
They run out of regs though so I have to wait till next week to fire them up and brew.
Brewing just got insane here at the skunk fart brewery with a massive 90Litre kettle finding its way home with me from globe imports also. :blink:
I was looking at a 120L it was only $140 for the 120 litre pot because of a scratched lid, the 90 litre was $150.
I was looking for only a 75 litre but they don't sell them only 60l or 90l they had there.

Anyway iam now all exited and about to go out and by some iron to make a stand.
Anyone up for a giant size brewday? :D

Ok now everyone can really say iam insane with a 90 litre kettle. :blink:

ps. batz they can be turned down very low.
Hi Batz,

Yes very easy to adjust and a 90 minute boil still lasts 90 minutes!! :D

[1] With the ones I got the paint must be removed from the top sheild -- not a real drama

[2] A high -- high pressure reg is needed.

[3] And copper standoff pipes for gas connection are a definate safety feature.

Running full boil the boil would be complete [read everywhere in the brewhouse] in 3 minutes.


Jayse you are unbelievable !!!!!!!!

Ok did you obtain [3]???? Very important. Remember the dash for cover at my place??

When are you going to put in the tap? I'm home tomorrow.

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