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OK, i made a start on a grumpys guiness stout tonight just to test out the mash tun.

Ofcourse of forget to check the manifold was properly attached :angry:


Ofcourse of forgot to remove the airator from the tap


It refuse to work, until i Wacked it! :blink: It started to work no worries from then on!!!

Just a query though...... The grains i bought 5 months ago they were crushed then what should i expect to happened?

Can i still achieve a nice tasting beer? I thought i would just add DME to achieve my desired SG
wow, you did have a tough time of it with your first mash

Regarding the grains, what grains were they, how stored?

Crushed pale would likelyy have become slack, crystal, roast barley, chocolate etc would have been OK

Jovial Monk

RDWHAHB. Put it down to experience.
Your first AG brew will be a lot of learning.

My first AG brew would have to one of the more stressful (non-working days) of my life. Worrying about all the shit I'd read about AG brewing especially all the stuff that can go wrong.

At the end of the day my first AG brew had very low efficency/extraction, bit of astringency but still managed a second (in the low alcohol class) at the Bathurst show.

Now you are getting to know your equipment, your next brew will be better.

All the best,
thanks guys, JM the grains were possible stored in the worst possible way, no matter. It might be ok.

Oh yeah to top it off my guiness wyeast starter in the frig FROZE!

never rains but it pours :D

Do an iodine test?

no, the grains tasted pretty plain after the mash though.
untill you get your system bedded down, do an iodine test

run out a few drops of wort (NOT grains!) onto a china plate (not paper plate) add a tiny drop of iodine and mix the wort and iodine together. Any change of color by the iodine and thee is still starch in the wort

Grains will show positive to the iodine test even after a week of mashing: paper plates have a lot of starch in them. iodoform, betadine, tincture of iodine all work.

I do not bother with an iodine test anymore, but it was good to have in the early partmashes.

Jovial Monk

Jovial Monk
and if theres still sugars, keep on mashing?
NO! If there is still starch in the wort (iodine goes red or blue or black) then mash a bit longer

Jovial Monk

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