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MELB: For Sale - Esky Mash tun w/ recirc port

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I'm selling my esky mash-tun complete with wort-return.

It comprises of:
  • 40lt Techni-ice esky with a stainless reinforced wort-return port. The return port reduces the usable mash volume to about 35 litres.
  • Beer-belly stainless triangle false bottom. These are rare as hen's teeth nowadays
  • 3-way stainless ball valve - to divert wort to either boiler or pump for recirculation
  • custom, height-adjustable, wort-return manifold. Designed and manufactured by yours truly.
  • assorted connectors and pieces to hold it all together
Does not come with any external connectors, so you'll need your own barbs or camlocks. The wort-return system is designed to be used as part of a HERMS setup, but the esky works just as well for single-infusion mashing.

These Techni-Ice coolers are super efficient, I lose less than 0.5 deg C over a 1 hour mash. It still works well as an actual drinks esky, too!

Asking for $200 for the lot. Happy to negotiate.

Located in Bentleigh, Vic.


Edit: I give you better price.