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A while ago I brewed a 25L batch of APA knowing that a good 5L would be going in the XMAS case.

I kegged the first 19L chilled and gassed and left the remainder sitting in the secondary fermenter. Now that I have filled the XMAS case bottles and had some samples to confirm quality :D I am thinking of putting the remainder of the beer in.

Is this a good idea, the fermenter brew is proabably at about 20degC. When/if I do it I will just pop it back in the fridge on gas for a week and resume quality testing.

Is it worth doing it this way? or should I just drink the rest of the keg and then keg the leftover seperate. Just worried that the remainder may spoil if left for ages in the fermenter.
i personally havent done this jasony but as they say there is only one way to find out.
i dont think you will have a problem.

big d
never tried it myself, but i would think it is worth a go. it does increase the risk of infection with double handling and opening the keg to the atmosphere. i would taste and smell a sample from the the fermenter and if OK I would top it up. would be interested to hear the result
My HBS guy said he does this all the time without a drama.

I say go for it.. if not you will know for next time
Finally got around to taking a look today. Tasted it from the fermenter and it was off :( will have to wait for another attempt down the track. Next time I think I will put it in a conditioning cube and remove as much yeas as possible.

I guess the good news is that I can safely get stuck into the rest of the keg :p

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