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Hey guys,

Now it is my turn to post in the 'problem with your brew' forum <_<

As i mentioned in the MSB Concentrates thread I put on 2 x MSB tines (Two-Row Lager) last night. Everything went together as planned and she has been bubbling away furiously all day.

I just cam in and had a look at put other fermenter (LCPA) next to my new batch and noticed that the MSB larger had 5L more water in it!!!

Note to self: Don't fill fermenter with water in the dark!!!!

Instead of 23L (well I was making it to 21L i have 26L (not to far off the original 23L what it should be). Everything else has gone as planned. Should I do anything? Compensate with some extra malt/sugar when bottling/racking?

Or should I just leave it and have a slightly less alcoholic drink?

I'd either rack the brew now onto some more malt extract, or leave it as is and have a slightly watered down brew.

DO NOT add more than your usual priming sugar, or you'll end up with hand grenades :)

What was the original gravity?

This will tell you if you have wtered down brew or not.

Can always rack after a week.....taste...if not malty enough add 200 gms of LME into the secondary...rack again after a week and taste and dry hop if necessry...

Hope this helps
Thanks guys for the info - i'll see how I go in a weeks time and add the 200gms of LME and/or a sprinkle of Hallertau's if required.