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Afternoon all,

Anyone have a good recipe for a Tiger lager they want to share, or giude me to where I could find one?

Cheers - Duff. :D
Hello and welcome Duff

What stage are you at brewing? Kits, partial mash or all grain? I am assuming kits. Personally I would not start brewing with a beer like this. There is nowhere for any off flavours or mistakes to hide.

If you still are dead set on a similar style beer I would start out with something like a Cooper's Canadian Blonde Lager kit with about 250G of light dried malt extract and 750G of dextrose. Don't add any extra hops. You should try a real lager yeast - something like the dried yeast SafLager S23 and not the yeast that comes with the can. You will have to brew this at as low a temperature as you can manage with 9 - 12 oC being a good area to aim for - under the house would be good. This will give you a clean tasting light beer. The bad news is that it won't taste like Tiger. The good news is that it will taste even better because you made it!
U would have to at least do a partial mash and use a good liquid lager yeast to get close Duff... here is a great beginners kit recipie that i made many times when first getting into brewing...

1 can morgans " Blue mountain lager"
500g light dry malt extract
500g dextrose
24g hallettau pellets

Boil 1 ltr of water with 12 g of the hallertau for 10 mins then turn of the heat and add the rest..let it steep for another 10 mins....whirlpool it then strain into fermenter on top of other fermentables with more hot water to dissolve everything...try to use filtered or spring water when topping up...soft water makes this brew a winner....

Use either the kit yeast and ferment at 18-20 C or get a genuine lager yeast (like saflager 34/70 not S-23) and brew it at 12 C ( this would be best)....


Your recipe looks good - but i would recomend the following:
boil the 12gms of hops with the malt and sugar in 5 ltrs of water.

This will give better hop utilisation/flavouring as there is malt in th eboil.

Dont strain- just pour this into the fermenter.

use the remaining 12gms for when you rack to the secondary and dry hop with it.
Thanks guys, I am new to this and am only at the kit stage at this point. Guess you have to start somewhere.

I'll search my store I go to and find the ingredients, I have seen them there. I have used the saflager yeast (I don't know what type) in a copy Budweiser and Heineken, but have had disappointing results, with both types coming out smelling very much like apples. I really do need to try again because all I've read is that the saflager is the best.

I'd like to get more to the 'fuller' flavour found in commercial beers, if that is only possible in partial mash and all grain I have alot of learning to do!

Thanks again - Duff. :D

The apples you are talking about is usually from fermenting at too high a temp.
With Dry Yeasts - go for the 34/70 for lagers or S189 is better, and the windsor/nottingham ale for ales.
Lagers ferment around 12 degrees, ales around 18 - 20.

To help stabilise teh fermenter temp i usually put the fermenter in th elaundry trough half full with water.
Then i cycle in 2-3 1.25 ltr pet bottles from the freezer to keep the temp around the 10 degree mark for lagers.
This water in the trough increases the thermal mass and severly limits the temp fluctuations. Means taht the yest works in a much more stable/narrow temp band.

Hope this helps

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