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As you must brew, so you must drink
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As anyone tryed the lastest creation from The Malt Shovel? Its a limited edition Golden Ale and its tops. I saw a fella drop a couple of to Mark, at the newest Newcastle H.B. shop, i thought i should do a follow up. Not bad at all. I would be interested for some feedback on what you all think and what its hopped with.
Thats not the Golden Ale you're talking about is it?
I've tried a Pale Ale at the Brewhouse and I thought it was very Coopers Pale.
It's either the Ltd Ed Golden Ale or the Strong Ale. I bet it's not the strong ale, as it's dark.
The Golden is (according to the label) hopped with Amarillo, and that gives it a fruity aftertaste. There appears to be little complexity apart from the flavour/aroma hopping, and that makes it a good guzzler.

At $53ish per carton, who can afford to guzzle much, though?
Sorry guys it was the GOLDEN ALE, i thought it was a cracker
I'm drinking it as i type. Not bad for megaswill. In terms of HB not all that distinctive. For me it has a real grainy tasting background

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed drinking it, until it got a bit warm.
Like I said, it's a good guzzling beer. Just a bit exy for guzzling.
And plus, we home brewers all know we could brew a similar if not a better beer ourselves!!


PS its interesting, MS is promoting as a special release beer yet, its they say its only there "house brew for this summer" (according to the label. IE its a special release for an average brew)
I reckon that the term "house brew" means that these guys (@ Squire) made themselves a huge batch to be consumed in-house, and are selling the excess at premium prices to the public.

I note that they are calling it Limited Release, not special release, referring to quantity and not quality.
True, true. Good point. Damn the wording of advertising etc

sorry sjw i thought the beer was average nothing special

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