The End Of St. Pats

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Well, it's the end of st pats for homebrewers. They are getting out of all homebrewing lines and going after the commercial market. I guess it doesn't really effect us here because of their crap $300US minimum but I think some of the US brewers are getting some cheap gear like conicals etc.

I used to drool over a lot of stuff on their site but could never buy.

Oh well. If they had dropped the $300 min I bet they would have done better ;), at least from us aussies.

Cheers, JD
I only ordered from St.Pats once and had problems. I said never again.
One of my work colleagues was in the US last week (at short notice), so I contacted MoreBeer and got stuff sent to his hotel. Morebeer were fantastic.
Got into the office yesterday morning and there was my CFWC, gas manifold and other misc part on my desk. Wooohoooo.
Morebeer will be getting more of my business in the future.

No more St.Pats? What can I annoy my brother in Texas about now?

Bummer....I'll just have to stick with Northern Brewer and Morebeer!!

Trough Lolly said:
No more St.Pats?
No great loss if you ask me , rang them once and I was treated like shit.
I just wish I was able to buy some of those sexy beer tap handles, the canelli and some of the other sexy wood ones. Unfortunately I still can't (well not willing to) make up a $300US order.

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