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Hey kids,
It's been a while since the launch of The Brewing Network Show, so maybe it's time to let those of you who may be unaware in on what has to be the best deal in homebrew history. The Brewing Network Show is a weekly internet radio webcast about home and craft beer brewing. The hosts (or Brewcasters, as we like to call 'em ;-) ) are Justin Crossley, Jon Plise and Doctor Scott. Justin is a homebrewer with a background in internet radio, you may recognize Jon as the shop manager at the Concord Beer, Beer and More Beer retail store (he is also an award-winning homebrewer) and Doctor Scott, who in addition to being an actual doctor (OK, he's a dentist) is also the president of the Diablo Order of Zymiracle Enthusiasts. As always, helping out in the studio are the ever-popular German bombshell Daniela and the lovely Natty Dread.

Each live webcast features beer industry news, beer-trivia games in which listeners can win prizes, tasting, critiques of listener-brewed beers and interviews with top homebrewers (like Jamil Zainasheff) and professional craft brewers from around the world (like Vinny Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing.) Listeners can call in or ask questions in the chat room during the show, getting advice, tips and recipes from some of the best brewers in the world. The show is extremely informative and always funny. Plus, it's free!

The Brewing Network Show airs live every Sunday at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time (Monday, 0100 UTC) at

You can download past shows as mp3 files from the homepage by clicking on the "Archives" button. Show pix, Justin's brewing wisdom and other gems are also available on the homepage. Past shows are rebroadcast during the week as well. Between shows the stream is great music and the occasional brewing tip. And the newest feature at The Brewing Network is Brewcaster Justin's Blues Show, airing every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (Sunday, 1800 UTC) for your listening pleasure. Again, it's all free, it's all fun and it can all be found at

Hope to see you there!


Brewcaster Justin keeping it real up in the feel.
Also for those that haven't tuned in, 5pm Sunday Pacific time is 10am Monday AEST time that makes it great for this weekend as most states have a public holiday.
Tune in and you will probably hear Ozbrewer winning another shirt in Stump the Brewer :lol:

Will do...

I have listened to alot of the archives, pretty good to listen to while browsing on the net.
I would also like to reccommend this sow, its really very good, and quite entertainig, with some useful debate and info.
I think considerably better than the Aussie Craft Brewers radio show,
ALso they are americans and they have actual senses of humour, which I was surprised by in the beginning..
sinkas said:
ALso they are americans and they have actual senses of humour, which I was surprised by in the beginning..

Yeah, I have found out a thing or two about you Aussies as well. For instance, I've learned that you like to take a drink now and then. :lol:
yeah guys if you can try and log in, also join in the chat room, its a ball in there, there are some real charactrers getting in the chat

aslo if anyone is awake at 3am monday mornings Justin hasts a Blues show as well, and there are normally a few funny seppos in the chat room
haha, i love that term ozbrewer!
wonder if the seppos understand it?
Yeh I think they call those dang things Cesspits over there,
sinkas said:
Yeh I think they call those dang things Cesspits over there,

Well, mate, almost. It's cesspool and yes, we do know what seppo means. :p

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