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I have recently received this fantastic opportunity, and be such a generous type, thought I should share.
This could be the start that the AHB'ers need to finally get the money together to build that micro!
The guy sounds genuine, trusts in God and me even though I don't know him.
What is 15,000,000 pounds sterling in dollars as of today?
Anyway you read and decide

From the Auditor/Head
of computing department
Bank of Scotland
United Kingdom.
17 March, 2005.

Request for Your urgent assistance/investment cum joint venture.

In order to transfer out 15,000,000.00.(fifteen million pounds
sterling) from our bank
here I have the courage to look for a reliable and honest person who
will be capable for this important transaction, believing that you will
never let me down either now or in future.

I am Dr.Kingsley Wills, the auditor and head of computing department of
a bank here in Scotland,United Kingdom. There is an account opened in
this bank in 1995 and since my inception into office in 2001, nobody
has operated on this account again,after going through some old files,
I discovered that if i do not remit this money out urgently, it will be
forfeited for nothing.

How the money came about:

The owner of this account was Mr. John Hughes who was a foreigner and
the manager of Petrol chemical service here in London, a chemical
engineer by profession and he died since 1995.And then, since 2001,
nobody knows about this account or anything concerning it, the account
has no other beneficiary and my investigation proved to me as well
that his company does not know anything about this account and the
amount involved is (15,000,000.00).

I want to transfer this money into a safe foreign account abroad but i
don't know any foreigner, i am only contacting you as a foreigner
because this money can not be approved to any local bank here in
Scotland, but can only be approved to any foreign account because the
money is pounds sterling's and the former owner of the account is John
Hughes and he was a foreigner too.

I know that this message will come to you as a surprise as we don't know
our selves before neither have we met, but be sure that it is real and a
genuine business. I believe in God that you will never let me down in
this investment.

When the transfer is approved and payment schedule is allocated
overseas,through the offshore paying delegate for final clearance and
signing of the payment release form by the beneficiary, i want us to
see at the oversea payment clearance office face to face for signing of
the original binding agreement to bind us together so that, we can
receive this money into a foreign account or any account of your
choice where the fund will be remitted.

I am contacting you because of the need to involve a foreigner with a
foreign account as the real beneficiary. i need your co-operation to
make this work fine, because the management is ready to approve this
payment to any foreigner who has the correct information to this
account, which i will Give to you when sure of your capability to
handle such amount in strict confidence and trust according to my
instructions and my advice for our mutual benefit because I don't want
to make any mistake, I need your strong assurance and trust. I shall
destroy all documents concerning these transactions immediately we
receive this money leaving no trace at all.

I will use my position and influence on other staffs to effect the
legal approvals and onward transfer of this money to your account with
appropriate clearance from foreign payment department With assurance
that this money will be intact pending my physical arrival in your
country for the sharing and possible investments.

If you are interested, please reply immediately to my private email
address([email protected]) and when replying this mail kindly
include your Telephone and Fax number for better communication.

Thanks and regards

Dr.Kingsley Wills.

Hi Gerard,

We could all avoid the inconvenience of faxes and phone call and just email him our bank account details :lol:

I thought that these "shifty" deals from overseas banks had died out :ph34r:

I'm still patiently waiting for my $250,000 US dollars from a Netherlands lottery win. Think I would have received my funds by now. <_<

Warren -
My Nigerian millions should be here any day now! So I'll chip in
Yes, like Mikem I too will be a millionaire as soon as (recently deceased) President Mofungo's neice (who works in the Central Bank of Nigeria) can get my money to me!

Never seen one of these come out of the UK before, good to see the Pommy crims learning some new tricks!
His command of the English language is much better than some Socts I've spoken to ;)

Not you Stu :ph34r:
His command of the English language is much better than some Socts I've spoken to

Yeah, those soccts always struggled with Elgnish!

send it on to that comedy website, that carried out the "laptop" trick on a scammer which was posted in the jokes section of AHB... maybe they can do something with it. B)
these scams are still alive and well in the n.t
mainly from our african neighbours though.
Maybe I should reply ;)

A guy I know had one of these scammers going for months... In order to assure me he's real, I want him to hold a piece of paper up with particular words written on it and have his photograph taken ...
Have you actually been to The Netherlands? When you were there did you actually buy a lottery ticket?

Anyway how about a mass emailing! Everybody line up at the same time and hit the send button.

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