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Doctor's Orders Brewing
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Seen lots of comments around about SWMBO and the tolerance factor with your partners.
So I'm wondering how you guys go with your brewing hobby. Does your wife/partner get involved, or have an interest, or couldn't care less ?

As for me my wife does not drink beer. Doesn't touch the stuff. I'm the beer snob and she is the champagne snob.
However she is still supportive of my hobby as it is what I do. And when I came home the other night I had a bottle of Schoefferhofer Dunkel Weizen and a bottle of Schoefferhofer Dunkel Weizenbock waiting for me. How cool is that.
I've also had comments about being allowed my keg fridge in the house (it is in the kitchen).

My wife isn't really that supportive of the hobby. She likes it in theory, but there is a lot of complaining when I spend a day mashing. I do make a good ginger beer (Snow's recipe) for her and her family though, so that works in my favour.
My wife's pretty good about it. Has even occassionally helped when I needed something held in place somewhere. Doesn't mind beer bottles soaking in the bath either as long as it's only a day or so.

She doesn't really drink beer, more due to only ever having tried aussie megaswill, but has had the odd glass of one of mine.

Definitely have to make sure I clean up pretty well after brew day though.
My wife will not even pour me a beer - i have told her repeatedly that the Scimpy bar maid outfit is entirely Optional!

My wife likes my hobby - as long as i fund it thru:
- accepting donations for my home brew
- supplement the costs with my wood turning proceeds/sales
- and the family budget gives me 10.00 per fortnight for my hobby.

She is Very Happy.
Happy when i make beer she likes, also.
My partner drinks beer so I'm off to a good start! She likes the homebrew beers and whiskey and is hounding me to do a Corona.
She only complains when I make a big mess or have bits and pieces lying everywhere (I'm finishing off my mash tun and making a CPBF so I have copper tube pieces and fittings all through the loungeroom)

She bought me a grain cracker for Xmas so it can't be too bad.

My partner is more than supportive of my habit. Because of this I will always ask her if I can brew something for her. She loves malty beers but not hoppy. So as long as there is a Scottish Ale, Porter or Stout for her to drink then she's happy.
When I was umming and erring about $80 for a refractometer she just said "if you really want it, get it!"
She put the challenge to me to try 100 different beers in 3 weeks in the UK! Oh well 94 isn't too shabby. :lol:

Cheers and bollocks
My missus doesn't drink beer alot, but she doesn't really care too much about it either. She is inclined to get her back up if I make a mess or take over the kitchen when she is using it.

She has poured me beers and has even bought me home a few imported specials. She came home with a 6 pack of James Squire amber ale the other day, which was a pleasant surprise.
Mines really quite good - it was her idea to get me a kegging setup for my birthday!

She can't pour a beer to save her life tho :rolleyes:

She's come to expect the messes now, so all I get is a roll of the eyes and a request to clean up.

No complaints here
My wife is quite tolerant of my brewing. Unfortunately she dows not drink beer or any alcohol for that matter so there is no chance of convincing her to try one ... I still persist now and again.

Her biggest complaints are the amount of time I spend doing it and the mess I make about the house. I do try to put in a special effort to clean up and she even took me to a garage sale to by a trolley on wheels so I could move 90% of the brew day outside :D

Only if she was a beer drinker could she be more understanding. :)
I have to ferment inside , also have heaps of buckets of grain stored inside as well , valley mill , etc
Gets a bit cranky about that sometimes.........bless her little cotton socks :blink: :blink:
the handbrakes pretty cool these days about my obsessive hobby.going ag has raised the bar somewhat $$$$ however she is still fairly tolerant about least it keeps me out of the local with those stunning toppies :(
dont know what she will say when i get my order of 100kgs of grain and slip it under the where for the milkman to hide now. :lol:
a bit of o/t now and again passifies her as i keep some for home brewing and she gets the rest.
plus the big bonus is i dont drink and drive by drinking at home so that is a big plus in her books.
My other half loves my brewing hobby and will even give me a hand if she doesn't have her hands full with the kids when I'm brewing.
Wasn't much of a beer drinker before but she loves all the homebrew stuff.
Alaways has a drink with me. I didnt think she would get into it so much when I started so now I have to brew more :lol: :lol:
I have even been guilty of not fully cleaning up and she is fine with that.
geez i love her sooooooooooo much.

my wife is very cool about it. never hassles me about how much $ i spend or even the amount of time i spend brewing (i really dont brew that much though). she doesnt drink much of anything but will try a homebrew every once in a while or if i get something i think is really good she will have a sip. also she occasionally helps me in reviewing beers for another site (if only to prove she can describe the flavors/aromas beter than me).
I learnt a long time ago not to stuff with the kitchen equipment when brewing.
I brew in the shed, I got my own elcheapo pots and an electric jug as well as all the gear now for mash brewing.
Mrs big beer belly does take a bit of an interest in what I am doing at times.
She does not drink much beer but she does like a sweet or malty beer without too much hops.
In the last week or so she has been helping me on brew day by cranking the Marga Molino and cracking all the grain.
I guess the best encouragement I have had is to go to a keg system as I think she knew what a pain it was bottling and before I started kegging I would give home brewing away for a while and buy cartons of megaswill when I was sick of bottling.
I consider myself pretty lucky with her having no objections to my hobby.
She has never grissled when I have bought stuff and this makes my hobby more enjoyable.
I could do a lot worse!

Regards Big Beer Belly.
Ok I posted this incident before on Grumpys, but here we go again. Mrs Guest Lurker is very supportive, doesnt care how much I spend or what I do, as long as I am happy and occupied. BUT messing up the kitchen is simply not acceptable. So there I am doing two brews at once, two pots boiling on the stove. Because I am doing 2 brews, I am having to use an undersized pot for the second. I havent hit hot break, its getting a bit foamy, and I have gone off to update my brewing log. Come back to the stove, and wayhay, pot number 2 is boiling, foaming, rising rapidly. Shit! Start blowing on it, doesnt help. Turn heat off, doesnt help. Still rising towards top of pot. If it goes over the stove, I am a dead man. So I pick the pot up and head for the sink. It keeps rising, and half way to the sink, I realise I am not going to make it, its coming over. If I drop the pot, the floor will be sticky for months, and SHE will not be happy. So I picture the intro to the old kung fu series (where David Carridene picks up the pot of embers with his forearms) and brace myself for third degree burns. I WILL NOT DROP MY BREW. Besides, what cool scars to show the guys at the next Perth brewers day out. So I have my eyes closed, flinching, blowing finally drops back into the pot. But, I swear, I would have taken the burns rather than mess up HER floor.
Bwahahahaha!!! Excellent story lurker!! My wife came out and asked me what I was laughing about. "You wouldn't understand"
:lol: :lol:
Hats off to your ballsiness, GL! I just keep wet towels on the floor when I'm brewing/bottling and kick them immediately onto spills. Burnt arms is a good solution too tho :)

My Mrs is pretty supportive of my brewing. Once she even did an emergency run to ESB when I lost/misplaced or mistakenly discarded a K-97 yeast packet and only realised partway thru the boil. We live in Wollongong, btw, so an ESB run takes closer to two hours than one.
hi guys, my first post to this site...I have just completed my second brew, racked it and now have the lil baby in cc. My missus thinks I am obsessed....and that I should just duck down to my local with my beer change and get it takes so long etc I'm sure you have heard it all before.....My first brew (Grumpys Windjammer Lager) was funny lil number (while the missus was out). I was boiling away my sugars and hops etc when I thought sh*t I better document my brew, so I cranked up the laptop and started enter some vitals little did I know that the pot was boiling over and a green mess of sticky sugars laps over the stove and down the cupboards and on to the floor......shit, packed up the laptop and started thinking about the sugars/hops lost ahhhhh my head was spinning didn't know where to I completed the brew and started cleaning up the gooey mess, It was like one of those movies you know were the kids are f*&^king around while their folks are out and they create a real mess, and somehow they cleanup the last bit of mess as the folks cruise up the driveway......nothing to be seen except a small mess that they missed.....In all the panic I forgot to open the cupboards and clean the inside, sh&t the stuff was every where................and the missus found it the next nite and the shit hit the fan..........anyway enough said.....keep on keeping the way the brew tasted just fine, primed in a lil extra sugar.....

Welcome JSB...

Glad to have Another SAMAN.

If you every get up to the Barossa - drop by for a coldie....
Let the missus go wine tasting while you go beer tasting....
and I make a mess too , bad luck bad luck

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