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I plan on brewing a Belgian Wit next week after the excess of Christmas. I'll pitch the starter probably Tuesday. It is a brand new WLP400 tube. I'll be making enough for a 2L starter and some stubbies for later. Question is is there any point in making a starter to my final recipe - in this case pilsner malt, raw wheat and oats? Or just use DME? I don't really want to make a mini brew of 5L (laziness) but then again if it is better for the future starters as it will be fully adapted I will. I'll always be using the yeast in this kind of brew so maybe it makes sense.

Any thoughts?
I like to add enough hops so that if I decide to pitch the liquid it doesnt impact on the bitterness. But I use either DME or the last runnings frozen from a previous brew day.
I just use DME as well.
If I'm organised then the starter has been going a few weeks I decant off the liquid and pitch the slurry, otherwise I just pitch the lot.

Does anyone else hop their DME starter wort?
I find that it tastes more like beer for the evaluation of contamination (taste b4 pitching).
I make my starter with DME, than step up etc and have it fermented out the day b4 brewday. On brewday I pull about a pint of wort at the 30 minute mark of the mash, boil that and chill it. I then pour the clear liquid from above the cake into the starter bottle into a second starter bottle and start propagating the yeast again.

I than add the boiled cooled wort to the original starter bottle, shake well and by the time the main mash, boil and chill is finished I have an active starter of the same wort ready to pitch!

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